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GO   Alliance Francaise
GO   Boland Kelder
Artists Garth Erasmus and Sophie Peters with Rudolf Rieger, Gallery On Set Images
Décor Artist’s Project
GO   25 Artists For 2005
GO   25 Artists For 2006
Viola May 2006
Good Hope Art
GO   Profile
GO   News Update, August 2006
Good Hope Art
Hans Falk (1918-2002)
GO   Landesausstellung EXPO Lausanne 1964
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GO   Keith Zenda, a Visual Artist from Zimbabwe
GO   Khoisan And The Preying Mantis
GO   Mural For ART SCAPE
Garth Erasmus
Mural For Khayelitsha
GO   German Exchange Project
GO   Key Note
Michaela Frank, Uta Goebel-Gross, Dathini Mzayiya, Thulani Shuku
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GO   Representative Body For Artists
GO   riempie vasmaak, Exhibition at Gallery ERDMANNCONTEMPORARY
GO   Scalabrini Centre
Heidi Erdmann
Heidi Erdmann
Rudolf (Rudi) Rieger
GO   Early Work (1)
GO   SA Association Of Arts (1979)
GO   Photography
GO   The Sembach Gallery

Face of Africa, Photo Edition by Rudolf Rieger
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