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How To Order

All Gallery orders must be placed with On Set Images. Order sequence:

Order Sequence

1. Initialize the purchase by clicking on “Order Image Print”.
2. Check the subject entry of the e-mail form
3. Correct the subject entry if necessary. The image reference must match with the one you wish to order (x-check with the reference number next to the image).
4. Order: Release order by sending the e-mail
5. Order Confirmation: You will receive our e-mail response within 24 hours confirming the order by providing

  • Order Reference
  • Banking details
  • Amount
  • Estimated delivery time
6. Payment: Make payments by quoting the Order Reference received with our order confirmation (ref 5)
7. Delivery: Orders release for delivery after payments have been recorded

Original Artwork Orders:

In case of original artwork ordered reference Payment and Delivery, reference 6 and 7 above, will include the following procedures:

To secure payments and delivery of goods a 3rd party has to be introduced (e.g. a Banking Institution). This is by means of an Escrew Account, which will be opened to facilitate payments to the seller after the order has been delivered to the buyer but not before.

What is an Escrew Account

An Escrow Account is basically a deposit of funds with a bank coupled with a set of specific instructions as to the basis on which the funds can be released to a third party.

The opening of Escrow Accounts has essentially three components
  • Opening the account and the necessary documentation
  • The specific terms on which payment may be made to third parties
  • The specific terms on which the funds may be released back to the depositor

All work, if not satisfied, may be returned within 30 days after delivery whereby the cost for such a return has to be carried by the buyer.

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