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Above: Faces Of The Cape was blending in nicely with the Cape Town Tourism Showcase, the first of its kind, held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) from 15 until 17 September 2006.

Left: What a coincidence meeting the father, from !KHWA TTU the San Culture and Education Centre, of the child in the photograph. The proud father positioned himself directly under the photograph of his son.
I/002 canvas
I/004 canvas
I/006 canvas
I/007 canvas
I/011 canvas
I/009 canvas
Enlarged Image
I/010 canvas
I/005 canvas
II/006 canvas
I/013 canvas
I/014 canvas
I/015 canvas
II/009 canvas

Exhibition Selection

Faces Of The Cape: People

Faces Of The Cape: Sand-Scapes
II/013 paper - gloss
I/017 paper - gloss

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